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Senior Frontend Developer

Job description

Hey there! We are the Polish branch of the BOLD group, building the largest career websites in the world since 2005 with our colleagues in San Francisco, Puerto Rico, and India. Our products, intended to help people find and kick-start their dream careers, draw in over 20,000,000 visitors a month and have been featured in The Guardian, Forbes, and The Financial Times.

We're in the business of making a positive difference—and now, you can join us in helping millions of job seekers change their careers and their lives for the better! We care about our user base and those around us - as a part of that effort we've released a pro bono version of our resume builder, aimed at Ukrainian citizens, to aid them in finding their footing in this new reality we all share.

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow an already market-proven product sustainably, while simultaneously providing an example for others on best practices, mature architecture, and technical knowledge? 👀 If so then we might be a perfect match - currently, we’re on the lookout for a senior JS/TS developer, with strong React experience that will help us out with our endeavor.

What’s great about working with us? 🌟

➡️Engineering culture first - we're all about maintaining strong engineering culture not only because we care about the tech we use and processes we employ - we also believe that our job is to allow our devs to focus on the task on hand, without unnecessary distractions.

➡️Engaging, international environment - our product is dedicated to various markets. BOLD employs specialists who are native speakers of e.g. French, Portuguese, German and Italian.

➡️Ownership and impact - we're working on solutions to real problems. We always look for improvements that bring business value. All of us act like owners of the business.

➡️Engaging project - if you love to design impactful features, refine with fellow devs, implement using the best practices and finally share your work with a sizable, international user base then you'll feel right at home working on our resume builder!

What can we offer? 🏆

➡️ Great, highly competitive salary - well-paid dev is a satisfied dev :).

➡️ A form of cooperation depending on your needs - B2B contract (20+ days off) or Contract of Employment.

➡️ Opportunity for impact, both technical and product direction-wise.

➡️Equipment & Internet Program - the company reimburses the Internet expenses and one-time equipment purchases to make your work comfortable.

➡️ Flexible, remote working environment, with an option for own desk in Warsaw-based office (with awesome international crew on-site, always keen for an out-of-office lunch 😋).

➡️Private healthcare (Medicover) and Multisport card (both single packages are fully refunded by the company).

➡️ Cutting edge equipment - a beautiful, brand new Macbook Pro all ready for your silky smooth IDE adventures 💎.

➡️Wellness and mental health programs (Yoga classes twice a month and access to Modern Health app that offers individual sessions with a psychologist and/or coach).

➡️ Amazing integration parties, engaging Slack community channels, and most importantly ever joyful atmosphere.

What skills will you polish?

➡️ Developing and maintaining SPAs, used by millions of people from around the world.

➡️ A/B testing process, data-driven decision making - we’re all about correct choices based on analytic insights.
➡️ GraphQL API design and consumption.

➡️ Optimizing for performance and top browser/platform compatibility.
➡️ Planning and implementation of various end-user-facing features.

➡️ Junior devs mentorship.

Our app development cycle consists of:

  1. The product team translates the business requirements and makes hypotheses on how should the development advance.

  2. The design team prepares UI/UX and delivers visual mockups via Figma.

  3. Tasks are refined and polished during bi-weekly meetings, and finally, get introduced to the upcoming sprint.

  4. The engineering team takes the lead, implements the feature, reviews the code, and introduces it to the testing environment.

  5. QA team tests the new feature, cross-reference with the business requirements.

  6. The app is deployed, and changes along with the others are delivered on production.


What are the responsibilities?

➡️ Coding - quite obvious, but still worth a mention :).

➡️ Retrospection and (a little bit of) maintenance of existing codebase - we firmly believe in constant, conscious improvement.

➡️ Active participation in dailies, sprint plannings, task refinements, and other weekly rituals.

➡️ Research of project/technology-related topics, the introduction of newfound quality-of-development optimizations.

➡️ Diligent code reviews, are the bread, and butter of our app development cycle.

➡️ Mentorship and guidance for our fellow, less experienced developers.

We’re a perfect match if you have:

➡️ 5+ years of general FE dev experience.

➡️ Practical knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, SASS (SCSS) and Responsive Web Design (RWD) / mobile-first approach.

➡️ Great knowledge of TS/JS (ES2021).
➡️ Great knowledge of React, React Hooks, React Router, Redux (or other global state management library), and frontend design patterns.
➡️ Experience with consuming REST/GraphQL APIs.
➡️ Great knowledge of Git.
➡️ Good English skills in both speaking, writing, and willingness to work in a multicultural environment.
➡️ Sense of aesthetics, pixel-perfect approach, strive for consistency both in UI/UX.
➡️ A conscious approach to implementation of new features to the existing codebase, appreciation for clean code, and great architecture.
➡️ Understanding of cross-browser support and performance best practices.


➡️ Established, practical knowledge of GraphQL and microservices architecture.
➡️ Experience with Node.js & Express, Docker; Atlassian software (Jira, Confluence & Bitbucket).
➡️ Experience in working in an Agile environment.
➡️ Knowledge of testing tools, such as Jest and Cypress.
➡️ Browser embedded rich texts editors such as TinyMCE.

Here is what the recruitment process looks like:

  1. Short phone call with a recruiter.

  2. Culture fit - at this stage, you will talk to the recruiter, team leader, and senior frontend developer. We will ask you questions based on our values. Soft skills are important to us.

  3. Technical interview - It's time to get down to business. During the interview, we get to know you better and check your technical skills.

  4. Decision & Offer?😏- We'll get back to you shortly after the interview. If everything went well, you can get ready for a new job.

Like what you see and feel like we might be a match for you? Reach out and we’ll be delighted to get to know you better :)

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